Magicians and Priestesses

I'm a bit behind blogwise so I need to plough on a bit. However I have been given permission to share the Tarot deck of a friend of mine as we go along. So there's that to look forward to.

Almost immediately on my Fool's Journey I am presented with a challenge to my assumptions. I had intended to carry on one card at a time but the first thing that happens is that the Fool meets both the Magician and the Priestess. It is also abundantly clear that they should be considered in conjunction to and counter-point with each other. So maybe this will be a 4 week pair rather than 2x2week cards.


Skill, wisdom, elasticity, craft, cunning, deciet, theft. 

Initiative, action, confidence, travel perception. Hidden knowledge which could be creative consciousness or trickery.

Male consciousness achievement.

Planet Mercury, Hebrew letter Beth (House)

Will, mastery, skill and oratory. Self knowledge and personal power.

Gods Mercury, Odin and Thoth. Writng, poetry and runes.

Pure, exalted and gracious influence. Change, alteration, fluctuation. Enthusiasm.

Wisdom, intuition, decisions, authority, dreams.

Female unconscious intuition.

The Moon. Hebrew letter Gimmel (Camel).

Intuitive insight. Hidden influences. Mysteries and secrets.Feminine power.

Artemis, the huntress. Hecate. All moon goddesses.