Other Foolish Notions

I finished The Fool last night. That was a perfect time-boxed Sunday completion. It's a bit worrying because I had a lot of extra time during this one so I'm going to have to step it up a bit on the others. 

I will post the card and some interim steps tomorrow. Today I want to note a couple more of the influences that went in.


Me in the middle singing "I wanna be a McGillicuddy" to the tune of "Anarchy in the UK"

Me in the middle singing "I wanna be a McGillicuddy" to the tune of "Anarchy in the UK"

A big part of my youth was the McGillicuddy Serious Party. Technically I was part of an affiliated group called the Auckland Revolutionary Army (Same initials as the Bus company... You had to be there).

The McGSP had two main elements of style: Scottish Clans, manifested by lots of kilt wearing and waving of paper swords on 

Culloden's Day. And the other main iconography was The Jester.

So because it fit with my own halcyon days of innocence and reckless adventure I wanted it to be referenced here. So I included some Celtic braiding as part of what I am thinking of as the 'card business'. However due to the somewhat overplayed nature of Celtic knots in tattoos etc I made one that was unravelling.


Quest tags including the sticker on Taipa Starbucks.

Quest tags including the sticker on Taipa Starbucks.

We went to Macau for a couple of days last week and spent most of it wandering around old Taipa. That's the olde worlde bit in the almost literal shadow of the massive casino space stations that have landed nearby.

I noticed without really catching the relevance that most prominent local tagger was some one calling themselves 'Quest'. Mostly I noticed that there was a noticeable progression in the graffiti. Quest has two styles a linear squiggle style and large puffy letters. I first realised that i could see the work evolving when we walke past one where Quest clearly hadn't figured out how to do the puffy Q.

Later works added a Halo.  This has become the zero for my fool card.

I kind of wanted the whole signature in but another characteristic of Quest seems to be the tagging targets. Quest, I expect politically, only tags new and temporary stuff. None of the tags I saw were on Macau's old stone buildings. Which is great but it meant that everything that Quest was written on was kinda gross.

As an alternative I had photos of the traditional Portugese-style cobbles. This is what I ended up using but it didn't seem right to put Quest's tag on them. So the Macau connection and the halo would have to do.