Look Into My Eye


Last week I had a strong experience of feeling like a fool.

I was rubbing my eye and there was a click and it felt like something shifted. Then is hurt really bad for a moment. It felt like I had a hard contact lens loose in my eye. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It looked like one of my eyes has a weird semicircle across it and I couldn't see properly. But I don't have contact lenses.

Basically, I panicked. 

I went to hospital. I couldn't understand why they wouldn't deal with my emergency. I sat waiting for the eye specialist for around 2 hours. So by the time I saw him my allergic reaction had dissipated. So he gave me the eye drop equivalent of 2 aspirins and told me politely to fuck off.

Because in the end there was nothing really wrong. Somehow because it was my eye, maybe because of the adrenaline that comes with an allergic reaction I freaked out. Even when I was trying to be calm and figure out the best thing to do I was working from the ridiculous premise that my cornea had fallen out and was stuck half out of my eye.

That's more or less completely ridiculous. 

So, duh, I've been loudly announcing that I have an emergency to all and sundry but there's really nothing wrong. I total idiotsville.

So, cut to trying to decide what cartoon style to do The Fool's eyes and it just seems obvious that I should use my own. I already knew that The Fool was going to need to be me partly.  So I had to try and take a photo of my eye. You can see the results above.

Turned out to be less easy than I expected. Putting the camera on timer meant that I was Clockwork Oranging my eyes way too early and they just wandered off at the critical moment. And then I'd end up with the shadow of my hand all in the way. 

But I got it in the end.