Seeking Goophone

Everybody's waiting for the new iPhone for different reasons. The weirdest one is probably these guys. 

I heard about the Goophone i5 from a couple of the tech blogs I follow.  In a nutshell their plan appears to be

  • Step 1 make a phone based on all the iPhone rumors.
  • Step 2 wait for the iPhone 5 to come out 
  • Step 3 sue Apple.

I thought it was kind of funny but when John Gruber on the Talk Show asked for Hong Kong listeners to try to buy one for him I thought I should give it a go.

It became pretty clear, pretty quickly that this is not a legitimate attempt to sell a smartphone product.
The website had exactly one page (although there is also now that I look) and it mostly details how to identify a 'fake' imitation of their fabulous Goophone. There a no listed outlets to buy this thing.  There are two phone numbers, both with China prefixes. One is theoretically to buy a Goophone. The other is to report a violation of their so-called intellectual property. Very much in line with a plan to prove that they vigorously defend their copyright.

My colleague kindly agreed to phone the purchase number for me. She was told that the Goophone would be available towards the end of the month. So the whole plan looks kind of dead in the water right there. Also to get anymore information they wanted us to send our details to a QQ address and then they would totally get right back to us immediately.

We respectfully declined.
And I regretfully informed Mr Gruber that I was unable to fulfill his request for a review copy

Guess we'll just have to make do with whatever Apple is comes up with.