Day Z-0: Meet the Monsters

Sunday is the icebreaker.

Drinkin' with Lincoln

Drinkin' with Lincoln

I gathered some costume stuff in Hawaii and I managed to get first dibs on Kindra the fabulous make-up artist.

I feel like I really want to give you wound
— Kindra

Lots of other people were in costumes with a high degree of fabulousness.


I was doubting the Zombie theme yesterday, I thought maybe I had misunderstood and that the event was more generically about monsters. This is patently not the case.

We even have a swag currency of Brains. Red ones are worth 5 so I'm doing ok so far.

Day Z-1: Planning for the Apocalypse

ADIM XIII: Monsters & Lasers

The Adobe Designers Invitational Masters is an amazing event. It's part training seminar, part conference and a big part creative workshop. To be completely off-the-leash creatively there's alway a them—this time it's Monsters—and there's always a major project that runs for the whole gig using a new and different medium. This time we'll be designing the packaging for a monster themed beer and laser-etching.


Mostly I've been thinking about Zombies. I've watched some of "The Walking Dead" and dug down a wikipedia rabbit-hole through to Haiti and West Africa. 

Flavours of the Apocalypse

Backstory is key to a good Zombie story.

Running your lives - The cities have fallen and your looting the supermarket before you head for the hills. Which beer would you stuff in your backpack?

Settled Post Apocalypse - The fences are up the plumbing works most of the time and the farm crew have managed to put down a couple of cases of home-brew. What  should we call it?

Zombie Labour - Mad Voodoun Priest Papa HopMeister has a plantation run by undead automatons. Branching out from rum to beer he demands marketing advice in return for your freedom.

Market to the Masses - Nobody talks about the unpleasantness of the past but the undead are contained not gone. Could they present the next great marketing opportunity?


  • Haitian tribal costume
  • World of Warcraft
  • African recurring patterns
  • Beer marketing
  • Glass working
  • Optical Illusions
  • Overpopulation Anxiety